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Climate change: uncertainties and opportunities for meadows and forage systems

On 26 and 27 March 2013 at AgroParisTech, the French Society for Forage Production (AFPF) organised two professional training and information days on the topic of "Climate change: uncertainties and opportunities for meadows and forage systems" in which several scientists from Lusignan took part.

Prairie et vaches. © inra
By Inra Poitou-Charentes communications department
Updated on 08/29/2013
Published on 03/21/2013

The multidisciplinary research unit for grasslands and forage crops (URP3F) played an active role in the Journées Professionnelles de Printemps [Spring Professional Days] organised by the French Society for Forage Production (AFPF).

Several scientists from the unit were involved in session 2 "Adaptation of forage species and plant dynamics of meadows in the face of climate change".

Tuesday 26 March

• Impact of climate change on forage production (meadow, alfalfa, maize): regional and seasonal variability, by F. Ruget, A.I. Graux, JL. Durand (Inra) & B. Lacroix (Arvalis-Institut du Végétal [Plant Institute])

• Ecophysiology of the response and adaptation of forage and meadow plants to climate change, by JL. Durand, C. Picon-Cochard, F. Volaire (Inra) & J. Lorgeou (Arvalis-Institut du Végétal [Plant Institute])

• Which forage plant idiotypes for meadows adapted to climate change? by F. Volaire,  P. Barre, JL. Durand, M. Ghesquière, I. Litrico (Inra), V. Béguier (Jouffray-Drillaud), JP. Jaubertie, T. Bourgoin (Agri-Obtentions) & D. Noël (Barenbrug)

Other scientists from the unit as well as Ph.D. students presented posters on their work relating to the topic.

Location: AgroParisTech, Amphitheatre Tisserand and Centenaire rooms, 16 rue Claude Bernard in Paris.

Registration before the 20th March 2013
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