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INRA’s four-leaf clover at the New York MoMA  

This summer, the New York Museum of Modern Art will propose four-leaf clover in its boutiques. The variety of clover on sale, selected by INRA Dijon, is conserved and propagated by the Multidisciplinary Research Unit for Grasslands and Forage Crops (URP3F) at INRA Poitou-Charentes.

Four-leaf clover (Trifolium repens multifolium). Variety obtained by INRA Dijon, Plant Genetics and Breeding Research Unit / Claire Mousset-Déclas. Farm of Mr and Mrs Baartman, GAEC des Picards, les Oudots, 58450 ANNAY, France. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe
By Amel Koubaïti
Updated on 06/14/2016
Published on 06/10/2016

“One leaf for fame, one for prosperity, one for love, one for health”: four-leaf clover plants, selected by INRA, are grown and sold as jewelry and decorative objects. On the other side of the Atlantic, 360 pieces of one of these good luck charms will be on sale at the MoMA in New York this summer.

A variety of clover with four leaves

The success of the small company Carré de Trèfles is the result of scientific research. Claire Mousset-Déclas, research scientist at INRA Dijon, has succeeded in breeding a specific variety of clover, with a high frequency of plants with four leaves. Carré de Trèfles has bought the exclusive licence from INRA (including the variety and conservation procedure), authorizing it to exploit this “four-leaf clover”. Since Claire Mousset-Déclas has retired, the variety is propagated at the Multidisciplinary Research Unit for Grasslands and Forage Crops.